The Life Of a Coffee Addict

just about some crazy wild antics, some restless thoughts of the one who walks the walls of the city relentlessly, the story of a coffee addict

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

This year has been a rather weird year.
It highlights all my failures and triumphs - well failures mostly compared to triumphs.
This year has been odd. I have negotiated much of my principles without further thought.
This year many things had happened, popped out without much an early acknowledgement nor warning.
This year, I have lost my spirit.
It just vanished some where along the snowy rivers which cannot be found in the country I live in.
This year is akin to the plague. The failure year. The unthriumpant one.
The lost of spirit. The awakening of woe.

Woe is what I have feel - am feeling this whole year.
A cup of heartache, a glass of woe and a jug full of misery.

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Today I plan to die really bad.
I have this humongous headache the size of Atlantic.
My eye aches and the nerves in my brain is threatening to explode.
This is not woe rather it is torture.

Monday, November 26, 2001

I am okay a little today. Yesterday, I awoke late and had to rush to work for a damn meeting on Monday of all days. I hadn't time to eat and thus went off in a hurry without a wee bit of caffeine. I delayed going to the meeting although, I was already past 1 hour late. I think next time the work authorities is going to haul my butt in and give me their piece of mind and tell people to go to hell or well... I might say that to them.

Anyways, meeting is ok except I was struggling to keep my eyes open for I came back late yesterday. Coffee only came in at noon - what coffee do you think could perk someone up at noon? Anyways, the coffee was terrible. The caffeine gave me an eye ache. I was trying to make myself seem nonchalant to not bother the being caged feeling inside. I just simply hate to be trapped. I did not get to have lunch simply because some students needs something to ask, to solve, to force on. It didn't matter though. Went back to the dreaded meeting although this time it was a workshop based - kind of fine except I had all this thought of not being able to get things done so after the break, I naturally did not come back. I sat in the office, doing other work making myself busy.

Awww.. the joy of breaking rules cannot alter no bounds. It gives me tremendous joy and relief to be free at all times. I had a talk with some people and went back early all the time a little joyous, knowing that I had ate nothing the whole day but was at a near hyper stage. I was a little happy for not being trapped for not going back to that meeting, for skipping discipline and being myself. Yeah!!
Watched sitcoms, still a little happy. Sleep did not sink in. Yeah, I had another cup of caffeine - not that made me a little happier again and all in all, I slept in at 1.00pm without seeing the Mission Impossible series ;)