The Life Of a Coffee Addict

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Thursday, December 06, 2001

I am so bored to death. Dressing up in gray slacks, black coat and a sleeveless blouse with a cool pink lipstick is doing nothing much to ease the boredom. I came in cooly, late as usual and noticed that there have been few changes in Klang. Two new workers -one a front desk person the other the cleaner. The old cleaner left today, it is strange, I never contemplated the thought I would get to know her or like her but somehow I do.

Relationships like this are interesting to me, because they leave some imprints of elements of surprises :) See it is not that I do not cultivate the relationship rather I think relationships are akin to planting a new crop. You have to work a little harder to watch it grow, you need to occasionally and more than often to water the plant, take care of it, pay it a little more attention and so forth. The outcome would be much pleasing at the end of the day. It is not that I maintain my do not care attitude it is rather, I prefer to cultivate it according to the flow of things. A little patience, would bring the planter/farmer much better results :)

The way human beings life intertwine is so interesting to me. It is enthralling. Life is like a picture that you create.

The throat is still dry; my voice is losing out. I can hardly hear myself speak. The tone comes out and just goes away yet at times, someone tells me that my voice gets a little interesting - why? because it gets a little husky and I have to speak in low tones else it would squeak like hell.

The bugger of the throat. It aches. It is so dry and yet I am in an amiable mood. It is fascinating that at times when I speak, air comes out but no voice. It is like I am a ghost. I try to speak but they can't hear me ;) well not exactly that bad but it comes so darn close.

Hear me speak, hear my tone. It sounds tragic. I kind of miss it though I must admit my voice sounds a little stronger and I have always like husky voice - not on a large scale but on a minimum scale. I would not like to sound as though I were a man or a grizzled bear which I am not. :) I am a cute bear :) though bear I cannot be with the voiceless tone.


Tuesday, December 04, 2001

Today is a bugger of a day. Stil have the damn dry throat. Do not feel very well - everytiime I put my head down, the fever rushes in. Damn! I wish I could say more but the whole bloody day is not working to my advantage. I just shouldn't have come to work. It makes things more miserable for me.

Monday, December 03, 2001

Hmm.... good morning world.
I am back after a 3 days and a half holiday
Am not sure what I am happy about except that it is kind of quiet around here minus all the noise that I usually hear.
I feel a little terrific, I think I shouldn't have worn a red blouse today, it makes me feel a little more spirited - after the short holidays, I do not think one would appreciate another to be so spirited today of all the days.
I kind of miss many things. Am not sure why because they are sure as hell a lot of jobs to do today.