The Life Of a Coffee Addict

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Friday, December 14, 2001

Today started up quite slow. I was in Klang and then had to come over here because we have a meeting in the evening at 5.00pm which may last till god-knows-only when. But then I decided that I would rather be in Klang than here because then I could meet up with my friend and Klang; with its serenity at my workplace would always perk me up and cool down my agitation.

It was so hot this afternoon but it is always good to come back where everybody knows your name :) I am trying to make myself happy except the accountant is in a rather scowlish mood and I am in the mood to be cheerful :(

I probably should get on with my work. Bye.

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Am back to work in the usual place. I noticed that nothing much have changed here except for the white and blue balloons which are hung in the reception area - that and the multitude of festive cards arrranged on the front desk. I did manage to get some luch but strangely I am not so hungry - the food tasted bland even though it was Kenny Roger's Roasters. Bought some hand cream - what the heck just to experiment. Tomorrow, I have this hateful meeting that I know is going to last donkey hours.

There are many things to get done today, I should be exceedingly hardworking and work in an efficient pace. It is just that I think this is going to be a drat of a day. I wish I could play Christmas songs though --- that would cheer me up :(

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

You know, the bloody spellchecker ain't good at all. It keeps promising to correct my spelling and then doesn't. Bugger of a thing!


Yesterday, I went shopping and ended up buying things that I did not planned. It is not as though, I have bought the wrong things, it is rather I did buy the right things. It is only that I have bought the right things in the wrong month. Grace, this is December for crying out loud. What I was supposed to do was to buy Christmas and New Year's clothes and what was I doing, hunting for casual and work clothes! Grace!!!

I only realized that I had made a big folly when I arrived home yesterday to find out that I had unknowingly bought 4 blue skirts - all different tones, mind you. I am not such a nitwit. I could say that I am incredibly happy because I bought 2 jeans skirt - one long and patterned - beautifully patterned in the style what Starbucks designs for your caramel latte and the other skirt is designed in the fashion of needlework squares - four all together, very pretty and in 3/4 length. I planned to buy more interesting jeans skirts in the future, they are so cool :)

I also bought three other stretchable skirts in grey hue mixtures. I did not managed to get any blouses though. Drat. Neither did I manage to get the Dove facial form or the VO5 hair cream which makes it to be a bugger of the thing. For now, I have to do my shopping elsewhere.

I also now know what I should wear and but for Christmas. I am planning to get myself some pretty slacks - the straight cut type and a pretty sleeveless top be it a halter top of some interesting low cuts which I promise myself will not be black in color but of some bright color in a sequin, shining material - or some sort in the interesting category. Hmmm... then I am supposed to get some pretty slippers or high heels - the type that I could walk in nicely. I think this would do :)

Monday, December 10, 2001

Have a headache. It has to do with the not eating for lunch. I believe it is my fault.