The Life Of a Coffee Addict

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Wednesday, January 02, 2002


He won't swim the largest river for me not climb the highest mountain for me. He says that is silly because it would not mean anything. He says in his heart, he knows that he loves me uncondirionally and that would be the most important requirement that I should know of . Whatever happenned to losing your life for the one you love. The problem with the 21st century guys is that that do not try as hard as the generation before them. The world goes around and yet I............

skepticism is the doom of all things concerning happiness.


He is 26 years too. The same age as me. I do like him very much - I believe I had always had it is just that I never noticed it before.I have always like someone who is gentle and kind and loves me unconditionally and he has proven at this point juncture that he is all that. I am afraid of something.... probably for the unknown.

He is an intellectual - i have always loved them. He is good in mathematics. I had always unconciously took that as a pre-requirement. That he cares for me and is responsible is so good. I just want something that would show that he would be the one eternally.

Sunday, December 30, 2001

Oh Joy

Today I woke up reluctantly and tiringly. The whole night, I had been trying to put myself to sleep but I just couldn't seem to stop my brain from thinking and worrying.It is strange because I managed to come to work early at 8.45pm - mind you this is not something that I do everyday let alone the whole year :)

I think I know now what my heart wants... what is has been telling me all the while. I think I know why my heart beats a little funnily, why I get agitated, why I felt the clouds went away and introduced bleakiness. I think I know why now...
I cannot mention this for I fear I haven't woken up properly yet. Tiredness could be the problem. If it only it were true... and what joy would it be. Could God be so kind to me? This is what I have always hoped and pray it would be since I was small .... till now. What the heart whispers still.