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Monday, January 28, 2002

Momentary Bliss

Had to attend an educational fair last week. We left on Thursday morning and that was the start of the worst scenario ever. My hand phone fell and when bust. When we reached the other state, I had it repaired it cost me a whopping $50 and thus make me poorer. The journey, which was marred by the ‘sudden demise’ of my hand phone, was suddenly interesting again. This time, I managed to enjoy the breathtaking view of the lovely lush mountains that surrounded the plains beside the highway.

At dinner, while I was walking - I believe I was contemplating issues with him and suddenly my phone fell. I picked it up numbly to fins it was working. I sighed a relief and went to join my colleagues for dinner. It was only then one of them noticed that my hand phone went bust. Lord... my heart sank. I went to try to get it repaired but the lady told me it was of no use. To cut the long story short, the hand phone just got fried pretty bad so now I am without a hand phone and a battery which I could have sold of.

The whole night, I spent furiously messaging him to tell him of the situation, to call my brother and a friend. The exhibition and the journey to the other state did not seem all to well then. Fortunately I had the opportunity to strike up a conversation with a Dean who was at the opposite booth representing the Australian Embassy. He's a Muslim and -- too bad on the first day, I thought him as being pompous - certainly why ever not since he introduced himself as the Dean. My exact retort at that time was "yeah, but don't you have a name?" I must admit though that he was rather good looking in a smart way. The last day of the exhibition I decided to strike up a conversation with him and I found him very intriguing - something like me. We do not reveal so much at the first round but if you seemed interesting, we would talk further and reveal further of our characteristics. Hmmm... Interesting individual to have as a friend. He likes Lord of the Ring too & Star Wars, a good cup of coffee and we both hated the Korean tea they served us :)

Too bad, we did not have much opportunity for further acquaintance but that was one of the best aspects of the exhibition other than the fact, that we three ladies did managed to find our way around pretty well. Well to be optimistic, the exhibition released me from the one too many burdens at work, it relaxed my mind, and gave me an opportunity to observe people and to mix around - still lacking in that area.