The Life Of a Coffee Addict

just about some crazy wild antics, some restless thoughts of the one who walks the walls of the city relentlessly, the story of a coffee addict

Wednesday, February 20, 2002


I hope I could pick up the pieces of my shattered heart
and piece them back together.
I wonder which glue would do the trick or would
it always remain shattered.

The problem is that I love so much
and hurts me twice the amount
if this is a mistake I made,
dear God, let me know.


I broke up yesterday. It went out really bad.
I can't believe what I actually did but I wanted to put a stop of what had hurt me so much.
I just could not settle for second best.
I never could have.
So, this is love, now I know. I never want to ever love another again.
Not in all my life through.
It just hurts so bad.