The Life Of a Coffee Addict

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Friday, November 08, 2002

Dear Blogger, yesterday I did not manage to fast for necessity has held me from fulfilling my objectives. I feel fasting is kinda fun especially if one could withstand all those food cravings and growling stomach and gastritis (ouch!). Besides, fasting helps me to keep my weight down. I feel bloated and terribly unhappy knowing that I have so many clothes than I have bought but cannot wear for I have gain terrible weight. I fast not for religious purposes of fast for him. I fast purely because I know that if I didn't have a comrade in hand I would not have managed to survive.

Whatever happened to my instincts of survival? I who am said to be of the zodiac Sagittarius? :) Ha Ha Ha. People change and I guess in a sneaky way, destiny doesn’t. I must be adamant again and should not forget the word. Today, I am adamant to fast :) and keep to my diet plan. Oh dear clothes in the cupboard, here I come.

Thursday, November 07, 2002

We have this unseemingly revengeful streak that comes at the rarest moments and the everythings that we say just becomes something bland and unexciting and uncaring. And it is always this sort of things that hurts the other one. It is usually me who is the usual culprit in saying that I do not care and so forth but it hurts twice the amount when he who doesnt say all the nasty things, doesnt pay much care to what I am saying.

I have quit in many ways. I do not want to tell of my needs any more.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Today he didnt come to work. He is not feeling well and suprisingly even though I could have opted to not diet, I decieded to pull through. Why? Cause I find it as some sort of fun. It doesnt kill me and this is a testament that I just find out that yes, if anyone has the willpower things would certainly work and we will not be disappointed in ourselves.

There seems so many paperwork to do, some many mountains to climb and so many hearts to appease. I have decided that I would go on a finalised kind of thing. I will let go some of my wants and be strong each day for I am my own person and that person I would be.

Month Long Fast

Today I have begun my month long fast with much difficulty for my stomah keeps reminding me that its very hungry and that it wants very much to eat. Headache is trying to sink in. I am a little talkative and a little tired. I hope that my month long fast would help me to lose the weight that I want and I don't believe I could do it if there weren't anyone who is in the same boat as me.

That and it is good to talk and write in blog after so long. Am deadly tired now but I must carry on faithfully :(
At times I just dont wanna take the easy way out.

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Am back

Hey dear blog, I am back, after such a long time :-)
Its good and strange and of course the great kindness of Blog to not boot or blog me out.
I am happy now. In peace. Certainly not all the time but happy yes, not really that contented but happy yes.
This month, I am try to mediate on a brand new word - adamant!
I must be adamant to do many things. I am adamant that I would fullfill all the things that I have been putting off this year.

I bought my Miracle perfume- Lancome's Miracle that is. And I am seemingly contented to with that. Am happy that my vanity has increased in such a way that I did get that make up collection that I have always wanted and a gorgeous Estee Lauder lipstick.
Hence the word adamant. I wish that many things that I had always wanted would come true this year and that I can fulfill my wishes and that I get out of this sinkhole of a job and get that pay and that opportunity that I really deserved. To err is human to me there is always freedom.

I will not let myself be doubted. Nor put myself in dat misery.