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Sunday, July 13, 2003

Dear Blog,

My humble apologies, I have gone AWOL once again. A little too busy to write, a little too busy to have a life.

The past months hasn't been hunky dory one bit. Lots of things have gone terribly wrong. Do not know where to start and what to do but this two hours sleep is biting into me. I am experiencing a slow torturous no sleep hangover.

Last night I helped my student to do his thesis right up till 2 in the morning and just when i thought my little cat was getting a little more than spooky - she started scratching and attacking for no reason, the lights went off.

Lord, I panicked. I was just telling a friend that I had a bad feeling tonight and next thing I know, the lights went off. Worse was my students storytelling that spritits like to come into cats and a man can become a cat and vice versa. Although he did not elaborate much not that I would let him... his story sent shivers into my heart and I was terrified to the point of how terrified could be. All my life I have heard ghost stories and watch them on tv, i just have always labelled them as pointless stories which does not hold much water.

Imagine my amazement that I myself was too spooked that night to even speak. I just ran off to a friend's house like a chicken running away from the slaughterhouse. The worse thing is that the damn cat kept darting in and out. Today, I realised that I shouldnt have been so spooked like that and should have used my common sense but I guess when the mind is already brimmed with ghost stories, the mind takes over and says run - ghosts - sprits abound!!

I think the fact that I had always felt that the house was spooked, was the major reason why I did panicked.