The Life Of a Coffee Addict

just about some crazy wild antics, some restless thoughts of the one who walks the walls of the city relentlessly, the story of a coffee addict

Monday, February 09, 2004

My darling started his classess yesterday - professional lessons on a very tight scale. He is happy with it but tired. He wakes up 6 in the morning and rushes of to get there in time for classes at 9.00am. Though I still wake up not happy with work am happy that he has got something to do - that he is doing something he wants. He is tired and so am I. Got to go.

Work gives me the blues it never fails to de-energize me. I hate this plca eprobably even since they have brought in a security guard who checks on the clocks in of employees. Although I can come in by 9.30am - I just hate this espe since I think it is confining as everythings is in this place.

I am fed up with the low pay and the low support and the no I make all the decisions things but when something goes wrong - you can make it. I am fed up. It is eating me up slowly. The only thought that makes me go to work is that I get my pay albeit a lowly paid pay but what the hey. I work for money.