The Life Of a Coffee Addict

just about some crazy wild antics, some restless thoughts of the one who walks the walls of the city relentlessly, the story of a coffee addict

Friday, November 19, 2004

Day 4: Being Home Alone

Oh my love has gone away... what was the title of that song. If memory serves me right and memory is not that too good, the song was a sad song.

I am fine. Thank you. I am happy that I am fine. Though at times, I get bored in the house especially when I come back from work every evening. I also find it very hard to cook for one person. Last time, all I needed to do was go out to eat or ask him to cook. Life was blissfull then but not now - well almost.

I guess, the part of me who is not missing is that I had found my dearest and loviest watch - after 7-8 months. This is a miracle. I was finding it here and there relentlessly. Also, I have more opportunity to try to lose weight and do exercise. All this while, I was pampered. I was helped to do many things. Ate what I wanted without any care and was carelessly unbothered.

Here is hoping everything will be changed soon. That I would be happy in life and lose the 10kg that I earned - this two year. Can you believe this? Oh too wear the same old clothes that I used to use in my old size - all the interesting clothes. Oh.... to go back to 2 years before :)

Got to go. Will write tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Day 3:
I have survived so far. No tears and worries. I am happy I found my long lost watch. That made my day. It made me happy. Have no phone calls so far. Just three sms to say he is fine. I am fine too. Got to go to work. Wonder what I will eat today?