The Life Of a Coffee Addict

just about some crazy wild antics, some restless thoughts of the one who walks the walls of the city relentlessly, the story of a coffee addict

Friday, November 26, 2004

Day 11: Zombie State

It has been this long???????? I am okay. Just got one funny late night call from one crazy person that I knew long time ago. Sweetheart's network is down so can send messages to him but he can't read - so what is the use. He is getting worrid about me but you know, I can take care of myself. I understand coz he is far away and that is why he is worried but I am fine. At least I hope to. This week, I am going back home. I have a niece birthday to attend. Got to go. I am hungry. Have to buy some bread.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Day 8:

Hey guess what, it has already been a week. I am glad to say that I have survived. Though am not sure whether my diet is alive as today I am surrounded by food. Worst of all the fattiest and the sleepiest food of all time - nasi lemak? For those who do not know: nasi lemak is rice cooked with coconut. This itself is exceedingly fatty. Oh lord, I wished there is a way out of this :(

Sweetheart is ok, he called me yesterday. He is being called over to many house for invitations to dine with them. Do not ask me why, perhaps he has many anxious people or that they are grateful to him.

Friend came to stay with me yesterday simply because we both were spooked with ghost stories told by both os us :)

Got to o. Have no mood to write. Not with all these food to eat.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Day 6: Almost Week

On Sunday, dear called. We talked for 10 minutes - what is there to say except that we missed each other badly. I guess this is the retribution when you love a lot and spend most of your time talking to each other, when you both are best of friends, when we are good to each other. Right now, I feel my life is empty. There is nothing inside. I feel like the whole world is lost inside me. I feel bored and angry at the same time. Why can't I learn to be grown -up, to be alone?

Have slight flu, I do not know why flue loves to stick to me. There are so much of things to do, yet so little time. I am fed up at times, only reading quells me at night. I need to learn to detach.............